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Most Common Questions

How fresh are the beans?
We actually do not roast your beans until you place an order. Because of this, you receive a bag of coffee that is only days old as opposed to several months old coffee you find in grocery stores. It’s as fresh as it gets. We also package your order in eco-friendly c02 venting bags so it stays fresh while in transit.
How does this compare to other coffee brands?
Most people don’t realize how much flavor a coffee loses as it ages. The most common response we get from customers is that they don’t have to use as much because it is so much more flavorful. That’s a compliment.
Can I find this in any grocery stores?
The quick answer is NO.. and you never will be able to. Once coffee reaches a store shelf, if can sit there for days/months, and sadly, sometimes longer. We prefer to roast our coffee to order and ship it directly to you. We plan to always follow that model.
Where do you get your beans from?
We are very picky with where we get our beans. We carefully select from the best crops. We don’t even consider a crop if it isn’t run by farmers that are fairly compensated and earn a living wage. This is very important to us, even though it does cost us more. We pay more than triple what companies like Starbucks and Folgers pay, yet we don’t charge the consumer more. We currently have beans from 12 different countries, all organically farmed and ethically sourced. Boom.
Can I buy these as a gift?
Of course! Simply checkout with your billing information and enter the gift recipient as the shipping address. There is even a section to include a personal note. When you do this, we will print it out and provide it in the package.
Can I return my order if I do not like it?
We currently do not accept returns and/or refunds. These are perishable goods with a relatively short lifespan. We also donate a portion of the proceeds to charity and we cannot ask for this money back. Rest assured, your coffee will also be roasted fresh, per order. If you aren’t satisfied with a certain roast, we can always recommend one that is more in-line with your preferences. Never hesitate to ask.

Still have questions?


What are we all about?

JoCo Java is a small, fair-trade, & organic coffee roasting business founded by coffee fiend, Joseph Condon in Lincoln, Nebraska.

​Here at JoCo Java, we realize how important coffee is in many people's lives and how it has become part of daily routine. Because of this, your daily cup of coffee shouldn't be bland and generic. We wanted something better and we wanted to share it with our friends.

​We take pride in our creations and it shows in every cup. We sell only ethically sourced, green organic coffee and we do it with a smile. Your purchase not only provides a highly superior cup of coffee, but it supports the people that make it possible to have it in the first place.

Truly Great Coffee

Here at JoCo Java, things are done just a bit differently than most other coffee roasters. It is our belief that those who are passionate about a truly great cup of Joe will not only take a chance on trying our coffee but become a regular drinker of it.

We've worked hard to develop blends and single origin coffees with as rich of flavors as possible without being perceptively bitter or acidic. This makes for very smooth and enjoyable coffee.

We roast ALL of our beans by hand in very small batches. Our 'blends' are not simply blends, they are combinations of multiple hand-roasted, small batches unified to become one amazing brew. In addition to this, we use only high quality beans from some of the most top-notch coffee farmers in the world! You aren't going to get a generic cup of Folgers or Maxwell house when you buy our coffee, you will be getting a much higher quality product that is sourced, hand-roasted and packaged, per order.

 Why Ethical Coffee Matters.

We really love everything about coffee; the taste, the smell, and the amazing people that grow it for us. It is because of this that JOCO Java is committed to only roasting ethically sourced coffee beans. But what does this truly mean?

When you buy generic coffee, the cost is really much higher than you realize. When major companies like Starbucks and Folgers buy coffee, they pay as little as they can for the cheapest beans possible. Most often, this results in farmers with operating costs higher than profits and most are living in substantial poverty and unable to provide for their families.

We simply cannot happily operate on that same level which is why we are committed to supporting coffee farmers by buying directly from the source, even if it costs us much more.

When you order from JoCo Java, you will be getting the following:

  • 100% Organically Farmed Coffee
  • 100% Direct/Fair Trade Coffee
  • Washed & Hand-roasted Beans
  • Shipments fulfilled by hand, per order.

Did We Mention Quality?

So let's summarize why we are so special...

Just in case you aren't convinced on trying our little brand, we'd like to go over why you should give us a chance.

  • We only roast quality beans, from trusted global farmers.
  • We roast every batch in very small amounts, by hand!
  • All batches are individually roasted and bagged, only once your order is placed (it's super fresh).
  • We are ethically sourced, meaning we support coffee farmers and make sure they are making a good living.
  • Our beans are fair trade and 100% organically farmed.



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