Joe’s Mokha-Java (12 oz.)


Mokha-Java is the first blend ever created. Not by us, but ever… as in the first blend in the history of coffee. This is JOCO Java’s take on this coffee classic, and boy did we nail it.

Coffee originated in Ethiopia and was first sold through the port of ‘Mokha’ (Al Mukha) in Yemen; the ‘Mokha’ in this blend is a premium peaberry African coffee, adding notes of fruit and cocoa.

Coffee was then cultivated in Indonesia and shipped out through the island of ‘Java’ (Jawa); the ‘Java’ in this blend is our best Indonesian Sumatra, which gives deeper tones of earth and spice. The result is a marriage between the brightness of Africa and the depth of Indonesia – in the cup it is a very dynamic, yet balanced, coffee.

Contrary to popular belief, Mokha (or mocha) Java Blends have nothing to do with chocolate. That being said, ours definitely does not have chocolate flavoring added.

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A delicious and full-bodied brew. Earthy Indonesian meets the bright & fruity African for a wonderful balance.

Whether it was a fortunate coincidence or a planned combination, the Mocha-Java blend is one of the worlds most popular blends to this day.  For good reason too; you will be hard pressed to find such a versatile blend with such complex tastes.

NOTE: Due to the fact that coffee is a consumable and comes with a relatively short lifespan, we are not able to accept returns of this item. We assure you that we roast and grind the coffee fresh, per order.

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